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Adam Fedor

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Andreas Beck

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Cameron Zwarich

People seem to think that I am a Scheme addict and that I like to use (X)Emacs way too often. I would like to assert that this is not true, but since this bloody box doesn't have emacs, I am going to go on a killing spree.

  IRC Nickname: lambda
Email: cwz@globalserve.net
WWW: http://cscene.oftheinter.net/~cwz/


Issue #4: Pipes in Unix
Issue #4: Process Persona in Unix

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Chad Loder

Chad Loder is a student in the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University. He is a co-editor of C-Scene. He works at Lotus Development Corporation in Cambridge, MA USA. He has experience with C++, the Win32 API, and the Microsoft Foundation Classes.

  IRC Nickname: possible
Email: cloder@acm.org
WWW: http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/cloder


Issue #2: Const Correctness
Issue #3: Thread Loops
Issue #3: 10 Steps to Better C++

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Charles P. Wright

Charles P. Wright is a student at Comsewogue High School in New York. He is also a non-matriculating student at Suffolk County Community College (also in New York). He enjoys hacking code, bashing Microsoft products (ignore the listed page is for one of his Visual Basic programs), and also playing Lacrosse.

  IRC Nickname: cpwright
Email: cpw@unix.asb.com
WWW: http://dragonfire.net/~cpwright/win95nt-mclient/


Issue #5: A Simple Hash Table Implementation

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Christian Sunesson

Currently studying at Mälardalens University for a masters degree in electro-engineering. Between lectures and homework, I stay in irc channel #c. At rare occasions, i even sleep! I am mostly into C and Objective-C, and especially for X11 programming (XLib)

  IRC Nickname: Nossenus
Email: christian.sunesson@abc.se
WWW: http://www.abc.se/~m9576/index.html


Issue #6: Termios Functions

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Dana M. Epp

Dana M. Epp is the Director of Software Development for NetMaster Networking Solutions, Inc. (http://www.netmaster.ca).

His development teams design comprehensive networking solutions and enterprise networking suites of hardware and software tools which combine Internet, intranet and extranet networking into a heterogenous solution which can easily be maintained from a single source. Encapsulated in this are technologies such as firewalling, proxying, NAT, routing and VPN solutions which aid in getting corporations and educational institutions on the Internet safely, securely and cost-effectively.

  IRC Nickname: SilverStr
Email: eppdm@netmaster.ca
WWW: http://www.netmaster.ca/


Issue #4: Interfacing Java with C in Linux

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Dusty Trammell

I live in Bedford, Texas. I currently work for Cytware Corporation (client-site computer security and control software) as the Web Development Manager and Systems Security Consultant. Mainly I code CGI's but every once in a while they put me on a production-level project (usually client-server TCP/IP programming). I maintain my own personal site that is dedicated to my group of computer security specialist friends. That site consits of my own personal LAN in my apartment (a couple of linux boxes, a Win95 machine, hub, Terminal server and various dumbterms).

I began programming when I was 8 years old, on an Atari 800XL in BASIC. Since then I have learned just about every version of Basic known to man (My favorite being GFA Basic based on cross-platform portability), multiple versions of Pascal, Perl, various scripting languages, and I have recently picked up C (regretting that I had not looked at C sooner, it rocks). I also like to learn new things about Systems Administration in various unix environments and do as much as I can on my personal LAN. In closing, I just want to stat that no, I'm not a hacker. I'm a Computer Security Enthusiast. (:

  IRC Nickname: I}ruid
Email: druid@caughq.org
Email: dusty@cytware.com
WWW: http://www.caughq.org/~druid/


Issue #3: Modular Website Design Using CGI

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Gene Myers

Gene Myers
London, England UK

Age: 38
Sex: Male
Occupation: Software Developer, Developing front and back end systems for commerce
Citizenship: USA
Skills: Photography, Graphic Design, Electrical and Electronics, Computers, Programming, Networking and the Internet
Programming Languages: Pascal, C/C++, Visual Basic, TCL, Perl, & PL/SQL
Operating Systems: DOS, Win3.11, Win9x, WinNT, Linux
Databases: Access, SQL Server 7, Oracle 7
Web Design Company: Design + Logic
Favorite Quotes: Real Men debug with an Oscilloscope, and Breakpoints are for Babies...

  IRC Nickname: g0thX
Email: emyers@designandlogic.com
Email: emyers@gmonline.demon.co.uk.com
Email: emyers@realtimecontrol.com
WWW: http://www.designandlogic.com/

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Glen E. Gardner Jr.

Glen E. Gardner, Jr.
P.O. Box 47
Athens, Ohio 45701

Age: 43
Sex: Male
Occupation: Geologist (oil and gas, invertebrate paleontology).
Skills: Geology, Electronics, Computer Programming.
Programming Languages: ANSI C, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Assembler.
Operating Systems: DOS, Windows NT, UNIX (various flavours).
Years Coding: Since god was a child.

I have always been a tech-head. I can remember when I was about 8 or 9, my most treasured posession was a huge accumulation of TV and Radio parts that I had eagerly scavenged from every dead & dying piece of electronics equipment for miles around. Eventually, my heap of treasure spilled out of the closet, took over the family storage building and began to move onto the front porch. One day, my father put his foot down and told me to get rid of the "junk"... It was a sad day indeed...

My first computer was a rack-mounted analog computer made by Schlumberger, that I had acquired for the huge sum of $50. It had a couple of integrated circuits, so for the early 60's it was a big deal. It had to be "programmed" by means of plug in cables, switches and potentiometers. The results of it's computation had to be read from an analog meter mounted on the rack panel... It was really impressive to look at, but really kind of difficult to use .

In the late 60's and early 70's my interest in electronics grew, and I made some spare change by fixing radios and TV's for the neighbors... Eventually I got my first ham radio operators license in 1971 (WN8GSJ) and have been a licensed ham ever since (currently AA8C).

My first exposure to a digital computer came at about 1971 when IBM donated a 350 series mainframe to my highschool... It was a monstorous thing. It had a tape drive in a 6-foot rack, the cpu was in a short cabinet the size of a card table, and the "console" was this really cool printer with a built in keyboard. It had core memory in another short rack (I recall that it had about 2 kb of core). The bootstrap "rom" (bios) was a backplane card with a bunch of diodes that were hand soldered to build up a custom memory... one diode for each bit. We even had a modem.... a 300 baud acoustic modem... and sometimes it even worked.. We programmed that monster using "machine code" and eventually moved onto a new and strange programming language that some guy at Dartmouth had come up with... it was called "BASIC"... I recall that machine code was a lot easier to use than BASIC..

By 1976 I had joined forces with a local businessman and we setup a local two-way radio shop in the town I lived in. When Radio Shack unvield it's first TRS-80 microcomputer, I was hot for it. I went to the store and eagerly shelled out $600 for my hot new 4 mhz Z-80 machine with 4kb ram , 8kb rom interpreter, and cassete tape drive..

In 1978, I landed what I considered to ba a dream job.. I went to work for Heath Company in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

At that time they were one of the most innovative electronics manufacturers in the world, and probably the largest manufacturer of small computer systems... I worked in the ham radio department, but satisfied my computing needs with machines like the H-8, PDP-11, and H-89... We even had our own DOS, and wrinkled up our noses at using the rather limited and "primitive" DOS that was offered by a small company called "Microsoft"... A CPM-based disk operating system was much better...

In 1984 , Heath and I parted ways, and I eventually acquired a hot new computer by Commodoer Business Machines, called the C-64... It was a programmer's computer... It had a potent version of basic, was capable of color graphics, and it's internals were well documented. In my mind, it was the first low-cost computer with enough power to do "serious" work. I quickly jumped on the Commodore bandwagon along with about everyone else and made a few bucks writing and selling software for it. I released titles like "HAM-PAC 6", an integrated software package with morse code communications software, electronics cad software, and assorted graphics and utilities.. My best known program was probably either "M-R-64", a smart morse code communications program that could adjust it's speed automatically, and recover data lost due to atmospheric noise and interfereing radio signals. Another one might have been a disk sector editor called "Looker".. It eventually appeared on the unauthorized version of "Pirates Gold" , a hacker's/warezer's toolkit that was a prized part of the eliete C-64 entheusiast's software library.

In 87' I went back to college and discovered UNIX at Ohio University.. there I leaned UNIX and discovered the internet....

Eventually , the Intel/Microsoft PC systems caught my eye and my interest grew..When the cost of 486-based pc's dropped to what I considered to be an acceptable level.. I invested in a little 486 DX2 @ 50 mhz.. I thought it was the fastest small computer I had ever seen..

Today, I work as a geologist. I use computers to collect data from oil and gas wells in the Appalacian basin. For fun, I operate a web server at www.night-flyer.com and I enjoy coding in C and hanging out with the wonderful, talented and crazy people on #C. You can download some of my code at: http://www.night-flyer.com/index.htm

  IRC Nickname: `Aegis
Email: Aegis@www.night-flyer.com
WWW: htpp://www.night-flyer.com/


Issue #4: Simple File Encryption using a One-Time-Pad and Exclusive OR
Issue #6: A Simple 2d Maze Engine
Issue #6: 2d Objects in OpenGL
Issue #7: Understanding Recursion: Part I

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Home: Austin, TX
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Occupation: Professional Slacker.
Skills: Slacking, slacking, more slacking, and some programming.
Languages: Pig latin, English (working on it), ANSI C, C++.
Operating Systems: UNIX (various flavours), NeXT, VM (hehe).
Years Coding: 2 hours.

I host cscene, do some editing, and mess with admin stuff. I also bug people about writing articles. Maybe I will write an article after I have had 6 hours experience programming... 2 hours seems a little lacking.

  IRC Nickname: ixx
Email: ixx@cscene.org
WWW: http://cscene.org/


Issue #9: Introduction

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Jak Kirman

I work for Semaphore, a consulting company based in London, Boston and Zurich, providing OO training and consulting.

I teach mainly C++ courses at a variety of levels; e.g., a 3-day STL course, a 5-day and a 7-day Intro to C++ course, and a 5-day Advanced C++ course.

I have a BA in mathematics from Oxford University, and a PhD from Brown University in Computer Science; my dissertation was on statistical analysis of Markov decision processes to determine how complex it is to plan using them as a description of a real-world task.

My main interests currently are human-computer interfaces, and computers in the classroom.

  IRC Nickname: jak- on EFnet
Email: jak@cs.brown.edu
Email: jak@sema4usa.com
WWW: http://www.cs.brown.edu/~jak/

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Joe Delekto

First time I saw a computer, it was an Osborne. The next time, it was a TI-99/4a where I actually commercially developed a simple utility and a video game rip-off. I started using 'C' back in 1987 when Lattice was the rage. A year later, I looked back on the code I had written and felt ashamed.

I started using C++ back in 1995, I still keep learning new things about it every day.

  IRC Nickname: JFalcon
Email: jfalcon@mindspring.com
Email: jdelekto@netleader.com
WWW: http://www.jfalcon.com/

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Jonathan Kennedy

Age: 19 (in February 2000)
Location: San Antonio, TX
Position: IT Manager
Languages: C (ANSI, POSIX.1 and UNIX 98), C++, JAVA, Perl

  IRC Nickname: Amalgam
Email: jakennedy@mail.com


Issue #6: Introduction to Protocol Independence
Issue #6: Protocol Independence part 2

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Jürgen Hermann

I'm German, like reading (SciFi mostly, besides computer engineering books) and going to the movies. Lately, there's no time for any of this.

Around 1976, I began to hack at computer keyboards (CBM PET2001 ones, at school), upgraded to C in 1987 and to C++ in 1994.

  IRC Nickname: snibril
Email: snibril@cscene.org
Email: j.her@t-online.de
Email: jhe@webde-ag.de
WWW: http://www.encrypted.net/~jh/


Issue #6: Sending Image Files via CGI
Issue #7: Callbacks in C++: The OO Way
Issue #7: CGI Bits & Pieces #2

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Kerry D. Mathews


  • Flight, acceleration, buoyancy.
  • Electronic gizmos.
  • Making little Frankenstein Monsters.
  • Raising my own.

Education: None to speak of.
Career Exp: Five years as a Sys/Admin & Software Engineer,

  • 2 years as a New Products Software Developer,
  • 2 years as a Verticle Market VAR (channels),
  • 2 years as Software Developer in Robotics/Automation,
  • Many, many years of fixing broken stuff.

Quote: I was taught how to fish at an early age.

waterhose lives an unassuming life in the Everglades National Park of Florida, USA.

  IRC Nickname: waterhose
Email: mcg@laker.net


Issue #2: Debugging your programs
Issue #2: Not All Daemons are Demons
Issue #3: Portable Program Configuration Files
Issue #4: Port from DOS/UNIX C code to WIN32 Easily

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Kyle R. Burton

I've been a professional programmer in the Philadelphia, PA area for about the last three years. I currently work at Rosenbluth International. I started out programming on dos, and moved up the windows heriarchy till I hit NT, then I discovered Linux. I've been trying very hard not to look back. Needless to say, now I'm a devout follower of the Linux movement.

I've worked with C++, Perl, C, Java, and a mish-mash of other less well known languages.

  IRC Nickname: N/A
Email: mortis@voicenet.com
WWW: http://www.voicenet.com/~mortis/


Issue #5: Tying Standard Input and Output to a Socket Connection

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Marc Tardif
  IRC Nickname: MrPickle
Email: intmktg@cam.org


Issue #9: Sorting Knuth

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Megaton is a member of the US Navy. His real job is to fix electronics in Naval planes but the Navy has a sincere need for a skilled network administrator and Megaton happens to be somewhat skilled in that area. :) I am currently managing the network on Naval Air Station North Island.

  IRC Nickname: Megaton
Email: pingme@home.com
WWW: http://megaton.obfuscated.net/

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Michael Bacarella
  IRC Nickname: glDeFile
Email: defile@escape.com
WWW: http://www.psilord.com/defile


Issue #3: Queue Pimping

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Moe Elzubeir

Moe is the chief editor and founder of C-Scene. He is also a student at the University of North Texas majoring in Computer Science.

He likes to code, read and write poetry.

  IRC Nickname: kuru
Email: elzubeir@acm.org
WWW: http://people.unt.edu/~mke0001/


Issue #1: Pointers - A Better Understanding
Issue #2: Interfacing ASM with C
Issue #4: Parallel Port Programmiing

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Nate Miller

This author has no profile.

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Noah Roberts

I have been using Linux and learning how to program in Unix for 2 years. My main programming intersts right now are learning the X Window System upside and down, and hopefully contributing to its progress. Currently a non-voting member of the XFree86 development team, though I have done little in that capacity so far.

I like playing guitar, and when I get a change,...D&D or Magic. Some of my future works will have something to do with these things.

  IRC Nickname: jik-
Email: jik@foxinternet.net
WWW: http://web3.foxinternet.net/jik/


Issue #4: Object Oriented Programming Intro
Issue #7: A First Look at Objective-C
Issue #7: Making use of the ICCCM pt1: Requestor Side Selections

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Paul Brannan

I like to work with graphics, especially compression. My current project is the Win32 Console Telnet project, which I've recently become the new maintainer of. I'm a student at Clemson University and I work in the IT department at the Medical University of South Carolina. I love Scouting, and I'm an Eagle Scout and assistant scoutmaster of Troop 502 in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

  IRC Nickname: cout
Email: pbranna@clemson.edu
WWW: http://ducttape.home.ml.org/pb/


Issue #2: Lossless Wavelet Transforms
Issue #5: UNIX Programmer's Introduction to Macintosh Programming

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Steve Mertz

I am currently temporarily employed by Kwantlen University College as a Systems Support Generalist. Basically I fix: all software problems with computers for the student, staff and faculty computersi; some hardware problems; and some networking problems. As this is a temporary job I am currently looking for other work (Hopefully in in the programming part of the computer industry.)

My interests include programming various things from IRC bots to muds to any little helper program that will make my life easier. My non computer interests are camping, biking, hiking, reading, and whatever else I feel like doing should the mood strike me.

  IRC Nickname: Setz
Email: smertz@premier1.net
WWW: http://www.kwantlen.bc.ca/~stevem/


Issue #5: Optimization Techniques - Part I
Issue #6: Optimization Techniques - Part II

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Tero Pulkkinen

Tero Pulkkinen is a student at Tampere University of Technology from Finland. Studies are mostly software engineering/computer science but a little about the hardware side too. Work at Nokia Mobile Phones involves web browser development for embedded systems. Programming languages and environments in use include C++, python and vhdl in Unixes with gnu utilities. Main interests are in object oriented programming, reusable frameworks, software design, patterns, language design/implementation and graphical user interfaces.

  IRC Nickname: Codex
Email: terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi
WWW: http://www.iki.fi/terop/


Issue #3: Typesafe dynamic callbacks in C++

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Tim Gerla

Tim Gerla is a 16 year old high school student. He has been programming C for almost 6 years now, mostly DOS and UNIX programming, but lately he has been delving into the dark and unwholesome world of Windows. He hopes to release his first commercial product in a few months. He also enjoys nature, coin collecting, and computer graphics, especiall fractals and raytracing.

  IRC Nickname: Tybstar
Email: timg@means.net
WWW: http://www.cjnetworks.com/~coryb/timg/


Issue #3: Curses Tutorial

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Toby Opferman

_Secret is a Computer Science and Mathematics major at Califorinia University of PA. He also has an associates degree in Specilized Business and Computer Information Management. Currently he is an intern at USx Engineers and Consultants doing UNIX/AIX client/server programs in C. He has programmed in around 12 langauges but prefers C and Assembly.

He is an Ex-DOS programmer now moving into the world of Windows. Other hobbies would include dirtbike riding and weightlifting. His favorite food is pizza with pepperoni and he basically eats it everyday.

  IRC Nickname: _Secret aka Scrat aka CoolScrat aka BadScrat aka MeanScrat aka ScratGOD
Email: secret@pgh.nauticom.net
WWW: http://www.nauticom.net/www/secret

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Wendall Marvel
  IRC Nickname: voidptr
Email: wmarvel@earthlink.net
WWW: http://home.earthlink.net/~wmarvel/


Issue #2: Stack Implementation In C

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Will Weisser

Will is currently a college freshman working out of New York City writing ASAPI CGI routines for (gasp!) Microsoft web servers. He is always embarking on some unusual linux-win95 based project, in order to keep current with new technology and to drive his peers on #C insane. His hobby is 3D Graphics, but he also enjoys writing unix c, developers tools, and most of all sleeping until 2PM and then hanging around all day in his underwear! Once in awhile he has been purportedly seen outside in the daylight but this so far seems to be unsubstantiated rumor. His plans for the future include getting off IRC for five whole minutes this year! :P

  IRC Nickname: OGL
Email: kased811@ix.netcom.com
WWW: http://www.netcom.com/~kased811/dfe95.html


Issue #5: A Quick OpenGL Tutorial

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