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July 25, 1998

Table of Contents

Introduction by Moe Elzubeir
A Simple Hash Table Implementation by Charles P. Wright
A Quick OpenGL Tutorial by Will Weisser
Unix Programmer's Introduction to Mac Programming" by Paul Brannan
Tying Standard I/O to a Socket Connection by Kyle R. Burton
Optimization Techniques - Part I by Steve Mertz

Specialty Sections:

CScene is no longer available in ASCII or any other format. Sorry.


Here we are, with issue #05, and this time on time! We have finally been
able to get things together, and organize the whole ezine. Fear no more

Before anything, I must thank Slashdot for
mentioning C Scene twice (upon requests), and for allowing us to be known.
We have received a lot of mail showing interest ever since.

I would also like to thank all those who have contributed to this issue, and
earlier issues. You have been the only reason C Scene still exists. Of
course, those who supported us with feedback, suggestions, and helpful
comments are the only award we get out of doing this whole thing.

I would like to emphasize that if you benefit from any article on C Scene,
please don't hesitate to contact the author thanking him/her for their time
and effort put to put out this article. Writing about programming is not
like your average english class essay. It often requires one to look back
and read to make sure they're not going to be misinforming anybody. It can
be very tedious. So please do give those people the credit they deserve.

As far as banners go, we have come to agree not to put up any banners, as
they are more of trouble to us, and more of annoyance to you. A little cash
is nice for upgrading equipment, paying authors, etc. but I think we will
keep it this way.

Some readers suggested a mailing list, and someone is working on that. It
will basically let all those subscribed to the list know of any C Scene
news, when new issues are coming out, deadlines, etc.

A lot of readers have asked about the availability of C Scene in one "zip"
file. I will no longer maintain an ascii version of C Scene, and that is
basically because of images, and tables in articles. We will however provide
you with a postscript version of the ezine in one "tgz" file ;)

Starting from this issue, we will specify the platform on which the article
is based. That was suggested by too many people to be ignored (mostly over
irc). So, for future writers, please do indicate the platform on your

To those who have written and don't see their articles published, don't let
that disappoint you. The only reason I have to reject certain articles is
because of quality and/or the level. The first few issues of C Scene we
written about a lot of basic things so no one can cover them anymore. Now
the topics are widening, and subjects are expanding. If you see an
introduction in one issue, some time later you will see a much more advanced
article on it. Thank you for your efforts.

I would like to emphasize that C Scene does not necessarily share the same
thoughts and ideas as the authors who contribute to C Scene. We are not to
be held reponsible for anything we chose to publish as it only reflects what
the author has in mind. I do minor editing to ensure correct grammar and
code. I just thought I should make that clear.

Let me not keep you waiting, there is much to discover.

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