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C S C E N E 0 3

November 7, 1997

Table of Contents

Introduction by Moe Elzubeir
Typesafe Dynamic Callbacks in C++ by Tero Pulkkinen
Thread Loop Classes for Server Apps by Chad Loder
Queue Pimping by Michael Bacarella
Portable Program Configuration Files by Kerry D. Mathews
10 Steps to Better C++ by Chad Loder
Modular Website Design Using CGI by Dusty Trammell
Curses Tutorial by Tim Gerla

Specialty Sections:

Issue 3 is also available in ASCII format in a zip file.


C Scene has progressed throughout the months.. A lot of things have happened,
a lot of misunderstandings, a lot of chaos. No one knew who's who, and everyone
was using his own personal email address to have articles received. But, no
more ! Everything will be set right from now on. The C Scene email address is
cscene@mindless.com. Do *not* send it to my personal email address, Chad's
or York's.

Chad has been super active, and from the first day C Scene emerged he adpoted
it. He is so much into it that he started putting it up without even telling
me, having decided that I am a useless editor ;)

Issue #2 has been very successful. Almost everyone liked it (haven't heard
complaints yet - I heard complaints from issue #1). I hope that issue #3 makes
everyone even happier. It's late, and we all know it, but bare with us. Things
will eventually get better. I moved from Bahrain all the way to Texas. That's
more than 10,000 miles away ! Took me a long time to get things in place, etc.
I can fairly say that it's a good excuse, since I lost touch with everything
that has to do with computers for so long.

One of the new additions to C Scene is the CScene-Bio that Chad added. So, if
you're writing for the first time, please do add in some info about you that
you think might be interesting to know. If you already did write for CScene
and don't have a bio, please do send it over.

Another note, we will be accepting articles on Java and LISP. So, if you want 
to write something about Java or LISP you are more than welcome.

That's it folks! Time to read on.

Chief Editor

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